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Mostly cloudy



Mostly cloudy
Humidity: 46%
Wind: W at 0.00 km/h
Friday 12°C / 18°C Partly cloudy
Saturday 11°C / 16°C Partly cloudy
Sunday 11°C / 16°C Mostly sunny
Monday 10°C / 15°C Partly cloudy
Tuesday 10°C / 16°C Partly cloudy
Wednesday 11°C / 16°C Partly cloudy
Thursday 11°C / 17°C Partly cloudy

Marbella micro-climate

Marbella enjoys an unusually pleasant micro-climate bringing marvellous weather. It renders an average temperature of 19º C throughout the year. Sheltered by the high peaks of the Sierra Blanca (Marbella, 1.215 m and Juanar 1.160 m) the climate of Marbella is supposedly more soothing than in any other neighbouring location.

Winters are mild with relatively little precipitation and summers are warm without being suffocating. It only rains occasionally from November thru March (the rain being insignificant the rest of the year), the wind blows frequently from the East and the weather is sunny more than 320 days a year.

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marbella weather
Puente Romano Beach

Temperatures and Weather records

The ideal holiday destination in Southern Europe. At only 2 to 3 hours flying time from most major cities in Northern Europe, its famed "microclimate" allows sunbathing, watersports, golf and other outdoor activities well into the autumn months (or fall).

A favourite is Christmas Day or New Years Day lunch on the beach, bathed in sunshine, when the rest of Europe is shivering under a blanket of snow, or soaking under a downpour of grey rain.

Weather records show that the average day temperature in summer is 28º C and the sun shines for 320 days a year with only 45 days of rain. Rains fall on some winter days from November through to March but the average day temperature is still 18º C. Marbella is close to the deserts of Africa just across the Mediterranean, so residents value every day of rain to make Marbella the green oasis it is. However unseasonable, rain is usually very short lived. In July and August, you are unlikely to see any rain at all.

Summer brings average daily temperatures of mid 20's, with June being the coolest month of summer and then the temperatures gradually rise in July and August and remaining hot until the end of September. The sea breeze makes for a pleasant drop in temperatures near the beach, and the Mediteranean Sea is a very enjoyable 21 degrees. Autumn is the wettest time of the year in Marbella, November being the rainiest month. Rainfall stays between about 70 to 90mm until March before dropping off in the summer months. Winter sees average daily temperatures of 17 to 18 degrees with about 5 days of rain across each month and the sea temperature drops down to 12 degrees. The winters are mild with relatively little precipitation. Spring is a good time to visit Marbella as the temperatures just right for sunbathing, swimming and walking.

Month Av. Day °C/°F Av. Night °C/°F Hours of sun per day Sunny Days Rainy Days
Jan 16/61 7/45 6 26 5
Feb 17/62 8/47 6 26 5
Mar 19/66 8/47 7 23 5
Apr 20/68 11/51 7 26 4
May 23/74 13/56 9 28 3
Jun 27/80 17/63 11 28 2
Jul 29/84 20/68 11 31 0
Aug 29/85 21/69 11 31 0
Sep 28/82 18/65 8 27 3
Oct 23/74 14/58 7 27 4
Nov 19/27 11/52 6 23 7
Dec 17/63 9/48 6 26 5
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