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Welcome to Marbella Book, we help holiday property owners and managers to improve Bookings, increase prices and attract the right kind of guests.

Coming from a background in travel and with a real passion for quality and meaningful holidays, Marbella Book helps holiday business owners with insights and inspiration to create truly winning holidays. Discover how to make your property stand out from the crowd, and find new ways to attract more bookings, happier guests and glowing testimonials. We are not linked to any specific holiday rental portal, agency, bookings software, or single product, but instead we take an unbiased view of the market so you can make an informed choice about what works for your holiday home. After all, your holidays are unique as you are.


We work personally with property owners and managers, giving direct assistance for your marketing strategy, photography, holiday home website and growing your online presence. If you are just getting started in the holiday rentals business, or even if you have been going a while and need give those bookings a boost, you are in the right place!.

On our property management website you will find a collection of insider news and inspirational articles on running a successful holiday business.

Our objective is to get you bookings and to market your vacation home any way that delivers results. Many companies may want you to advertise your home on their vacation home website and wouldn’t even think of recommending a competitor. Anyone can place your home on a website and hope for the best. Unlike those dime-a-dozen websites, we will reach an even wider audience for you by listing your vacation home, on exclusive vacation sites.

But we don’t stop there, we reach an even wider market for you by advertising on non-affiliated vacation home websites. It’s all part of our belief in offering the best type of service out there in today’s rental market for YOU!. Let our knowledge and resources work for your vacation rental property. We are a full service vacation rental internet marketing company helping to boost your sales using secret strategies and cutting edge technology. Our holiday rental propperty advertising and management services include:

  • Holiday Rental Website Design Service
  • Holiday Rental Online Marketing
  • Holiday Rental S.E.O.
  • Photography, & Video Production
  • Online & Offline Travel Marketing Service
  • Property Management Services
  • Additional Holiday Services
  • Legal & Tax Advice
  • Accounting & drafting contracts
  • Key Holding

Our aim is to find and provide your guests dream holiday and that your vacation is planned to the detail in order for it to be 100% enjoyable and you go back home with a wonderful memory.

All our holiday homes are self catering but we are able to offer every special service your guests may require: daily or weekly cleaning, cooking, food delivery, daily food shopping deliveries, babysitting, airport collecting, flight and car rental arrangements direct from us, excursions to the nearby cities and amenities and anything you may think of.

Our team of experts will cater every request and uniquely tailor your luxury vacation. Using its unpatalleled relationships, the private concierge grants our clients access to the most prestigious services in the coast of Marbella and inland.

We are standing by to make their holiday as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Although the following services are not included in the rental price, we would be more than happy to arrange any of them for you guests.


Marbella Book provides complete affordable turn-key marketing solutions for short term holiday rentals. Our system helps unlock the financial potential of your investment by maximizing your exposure on the web.

Marbella Book creates easy rental marketing solutions for busy people. Lead generating marketing campaigns, expert web design, photography, S.E.O. and most importantly guaranteed bookings all rolled into one solution.

We’ll market your rental on popular social media websites both locally and internationally.

Our holiday rental marketing campaigns are designed to make your property stand out from the abundance of accommodation options available online. To cut through this crowd of competing rentals you have to identify your unique selling point, and show what it is that makes your property special; in short, you have to find your niche.


We offer a complete portfolio of property management and property maintenance services for home owners on the Costa Del Sol, from property cleaning, key holding, pool cleaning and gardening. And because we know each of our clients and every home is uniquely different, we’re past masters at tailoring our services to individual requirements.

A reliable, comprehensive and honest service for property owners from maintenance to holiday rentals.

Hiring the services of a competent and well established Property Management or homecare company in Marbella can help give you peace of mind knowing that your home is being well looked after providing property care and rentals management services, long-term lettings and self catering holiday rental accommodation, throughout the Costa del Sol and Marbella.

We don’t just claim our services are the best available, we also back them up with a full money back guarantee.


Thousands of holiday-home owners rent their properties to travellers successfully. If you’re exploring the idea of renting your home, we’re here to guide you through the process.

If I rent my holiday home can make it pay for itself?

Yes. One of the most common reasons why people choose to rent their holiday homes is to cover their expenses. In fact XX% of the owners who advertise their properties on to do so in order to be able to afford offset at least some, of their expenses. One third of the owners pay at least half of their mortgage payments by renting. On top of that another 1/3 of all advertisers cover their entire mortgage.

Some owners might have bought their home as an investment during the property boom years, and want to wait until the market goes up before they sell, but don’t want to have to shed out for any more expenses until then. Others managed to get a great deal on house or apartment they wish to retire to one day, and are covering their mortgage and maintenance payments in the meantime. Whatever the circumstances, there’s one very clever idea that unites the majority of owners. They love to holiday in their Mediterranean villa, country cottage or city apartment, and think, "If you can get someone else to pay for you to own it in the meantime, then why not?"

I already rent out my holiday home with a property manager. What's the difference between doing this and renting by owner?

People lead busy lives, so many property owners hand the responsibilities that come with running a holiday lettings business over to a property manager. There are pros and cons to renting by each method. In fact many owners share responsibility with a property manager to get what they feel is the best of both worlds. Some owners do all the marketing online, or take bookings over the phone from their primary home many miles away, whilst letting the property manger take care of things on the ground. The most import thing is finding the method that will work right for you.

There are many advantages to using a property manager, or property management service. A good PM will market your property to guests, take bookings and deal with the related administration (such as deposits, rental agreements etc), manage arrivals and departures, cleaning and maintenance. However self managing your property is easier than you think. The trick is to educate yourself (you can’t got wrong with having a browse through the Owner Resources).

To many, a holiday home is as precious an emotional investment as it is a financial investment. Renting by owner gives them the opportunity to screen their potential travellers and decide who would be a suitable guest in their home. Others realise they can they can do a better job, and their higher standards mean that guests make those all important repeat bookings, and word of mouth recommendations. Other advantages include being able to charge your guests additional cleaning and service fees, rather than having to pay them (at the property manager’s profit) yourself. On top of this saving the 15 – 50% commission a property manager charges per booking, makes the whole process well worth it.

I don't live anywhere near my property. I don't want to have to get on a plane every time someone locks themselves out, or can't work the remote control for the TV!

No don’t worry, the majority of holiday home owners don’t live anywhere near the property they rent out. Indeed the majority of our clients are UK residents with an overseas property. The trick is to find a good service to look after any maintenance issues, and finding a reliable trustworthy housekeeper.

This person will be essential to running your holiday lettings business from a distance. As well as providing a regular cleaning service between check ins, they will also be your person on the ground. Being there to help renters with day to day problems that you can’t fix via phone or email, checking people in, and being your eyes and ears on the ground can also be included in their duties.

I’m worried about what people might get up to in my home

Renting out your home is a very personal decision. Most owners have a strong emotional attachment to their holiday homes, and worry about having strangers stay. First of all this fear is rarely realised. It’s important to remember that you’ll mostly be renting to like minded people. Holiday rentals are a sophisticated form of travel, and cater for a different to impersonal hotels. Most travellers choose a holiday rental over a hotel because it’s a home, and respect the place accordingly.

If you rent by owner, taking bookings is your responsibility. Every home owner should take the time to call potential renters, and screen them accordingly. If you don’t feel comfortable hiring to a group of students looking for a wild weekend, or feel someone isn’t being entirely straight with you, then go with your gut feeling. You’re the one who gets to decide.

Like any tenants, your guests will be obliged to operate within the boundaries you set. Like any other landlord, you get to draw up the rental agreement and take a security deposit to protect yourself. Whilst you might not want to leave any priceless family heirlooms out on display (especially if you rent to families with small children), it’s highly unlikely that anyone whose handed you a large chunk of their cash is going to do anything to do anything to upset you.

Will I still be able to use the property for my holidays?

Yes of course. You take the bookings, you decide the weeks of occupancy. Indeed the fact that you’re now making money from your holiday home means you’ve got already got an excuse to go and pay more visits.

Any other benefits?

What about this one? Many owners see running their second property as a business as the perfect excuse to create the home they’ve always dreamed of. Suddenly you can justify redecorating, adding up market amenities like a pool or Jacuzzi, or equipping your home with the latest HD TV or home entertainment system. Suddenly these luxuries are no longer frivolities but sound business investments that can give you the competitive edge, increase your rental rates, or increase the selling price. It’s not uncommon for owners to jokingly admit that their holiday home is far nicer than their primary homes. Whilst their regular home is affected by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a holiday property stands apart form the daily grind. What could be better than having a luxury holiday property that you’ve created for the high end of the market, all to yourself?

And as well as that, many owners repeatedly say they find renting their holiday home a very satisfying experience. To many, their holiday property is a labour of love. if you have a holiday potential holiday letting with the “wow factor”, then you’ll love reading the gushing online reviews, receiving personal thank yous and repeat bookings. Our holiday home owners agree nothing is more rewarding than enabling like minded people to have the holiday of a lifetime. your social media marketing partner

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